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Stop My Rust

6" x 8" Anti-Tarnish Envelope (Pack of 6)

$ 15.90


  • (6) 6" x 8" Envelopes

Stop My Rust wants to help make your prized jewelry last as long as possible. We offer Silver Saver bags that will keep your jewelry looking as good as they day you bought it. They’re perfect for that jewelry that you still love, but do not wear frequently enough to store in your jewelry box for everyday use.

Over a period of time, jewelry, silverware, coins, and other metal valuables start to show changes in color and turn from a yellowish tint to deep yellow to even black as a result of tarnish and corrosion.

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in any material that metal valuables come into contact with is one of the prime causes of tarnish and corrosion. Materials like wool, rubber bands, fuels derived from fossils, a few types of paints and rubber (latex) gloves are some other common materials that cause tarnishing and corrosion. Certain foods like eggs and onions also hasten the rust process. The extent to which your valuables tarnish and corrode is also related to the climate. In general, high humidity results in accelerated rusting.

Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Jewelry

We here at Stop My Rust care about the longevity and overall condition of your jewelry. Jewelry can be of great sentimental value, to the point that you can't even put a price tag on it. We want your jewelry to look brand new for years after you purchase or receive it. Outside of using our silver saver protection bags, follow these easy to do steps to prevent any unnecessary damage to your jewelry.

How to Care for Your Jewelry

  • Clean it regularly. Your own sweat and body oils can dim the shine of your jewelry. Do-it-yourself cleaning can be done with just soapy water and a toothbrush.
  • Store your jewelry in a safe place. Storing your jewelry in one of our protection bags before placing it in your jewelry box will keep your jewelry safe for years. Our Silver Saver protection bags are also ideal for on-the-go protection of your jewelry.
  • Visit your jeweler to check for loose gems, prongs, and clasps. The easiest way to keep your jewelry shining for a long time is to check on it frequently. Taking your jewelry to a jeweler will help prevent stones from falling off. A jeweler can also give your pieces a deep clean as well.

When to Remove Your Jewelry

  • Before physical activities and swimming. It seems a no-brainer to take off jewelry before going to the gym and other physical activities. But, you also want to take jewelry off before swimming. Salt water and chlorine can do damage to your jewelry over time.
  • In cold water. Not that cold water is harmful to jewelry, but cold water shrinks your fingers, creating room for a ring to slip off without you even knowing.

We offer specially formulated silver protection Stop My Rust bags to store and preserve your valuables. Included in your purchase are four 6” x 8” bags for jewelry or valuables.

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