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How VCI Works

VCI is an abbreviation for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. These corrosion inhibiting compounds are coated on paper or polyethylene bags, and have sufficient vapor pressure to release molecules into the air. Due to their polarity, the VCI molecules are attracted to the surface of metal, just like a magnet. VCI molecules move from the paper or film directly to the surface of metals. When these compounds come in contact with metal surfaces they form a very thin molecular layer. This thin layer effectively inhibits corrosion on the metal surface by preventing air and moisture from coming in contact with the surface of the metal.

Corrosion begins when an electrolyte (water, oxygen, humidity) is present on the surface of a metal. When this happens, electrons then flow from high-energy areas of the metal to low energy areas in a loop, through the electrolyte.

The corrosion process results in the formation of oxidation on the metal surface. STOP MY RUST VCI products slow or stop this reaction by passivating the surface and inhibiting or depressing the electro-chemical mechanism that triggers oxidation.

Simply put your metal parts inside any STOP MY RUST VCI bags or paper, to protect metal from attack. Our VCI products can work for several years to prevent corrosion from occurring on the metal surface.