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12" x 12" Rust-Preventing Paper Tool Wrap (Pack of 25)

Stop My Rust

12" x 12" Rust-Preventing Paper Tool Wrap (Pack of 25)

$ 15.90


  • (25) 12" x 12" VCI Sheets

Remember that time when you finally decided to open your toolbox, your tool kit or tool drawer to start on that home project you’ve been sitting on for forever? What did you find in the deep confines of your garage or in your toolshed? Were your tools safe and sound, or did you discover that your tools, metal parts and drill bits had fallen victim to the unwanted effects of rust?

Stop my Rust wants to protect your stowed metal tools from the corrosive effects of rust, which can render them useless or even totally destroy them.

Don’t let rust stop you from completing your home project.

Don’t allow rust foil your plans when you finally are on the path to hanging that picture or installing that light fixture. It can take months before you are able to find the time to complete your DIY project, but if your tools and supplies aren’t up to the task, then a trip to the store can whisk away the time you so desperately needed.  

Our rust prevention ammunition storage bags and VCI paper are perfect for keeping your tools and supplies ready to go. Wrap them in this paper to store them, and rest easy knowing you’ll never again take out the right size screw to use only to find it all rusted. You definitely don’t want to build something new with a rusted foundation holding it together! Instead, consider using our VCI paper for:

  • Wrapping small tools
  • Wrapping metal parts
  • Wrapping drill bits
  • Ammunition
  • Lining toolboxes
  • Lining fishing tackle boxes
  • And much more!

Our VCI paper is good to go for you and any of your metal needs -- it can even be used to line your tool boxes or your finished tackle boxes.

Rust Prevention Tackle Box Lining

 Now, what causes rust most often? Water. No surprise, then, that your fishing gear is at risk! You certainly don’t want to be fishing and lose your catch because of a rusted and weak hook, do you? It’s wise to start thinking about a way to keep your metal intact: And that’s where we step in.

Our VCI paper for sale online is a versatile solution that can meet any of your needs. By laying it inside of your tackle box or your toolbox, you can protect the contents from nasty formations like rust. Rust is a chemical change that can’t be undone, so the only course of action is to stop it before it starts. Save your metal tools, finishing supplies, and any other metal pieces from becoming rusted by trusting in our VCI paper.

Stop Rust with VCI Paper 

VCI paper was originally formulated for the military during World War II to keep equipment and armaments free of rust and corrosion without the need for oils and greases. Since that time, nearly all of the Fortune 500 Industrial Companies rely on VCI paper to prevent rust on the metal parts they manufacture.

At Stop My Rust, you can also purchase a long term anti rust rifle storage bag to keep not just your tools safe, but also your other metal items free of rust. Contact us today or browse our online store for more options! 

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