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Stop My Rust

12" x 18" Rust-Preventing Plastic Reclosable Handgun Storage Bag (Pack of 2)

$ 15.90


  • (2) 12” x 18” VCI Bags for Hand Guns
  • (2) 10” x 12” VCI Ziplock Bags for Ammunition

All responsible gun owners take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents or the illegal use of their firearms; typically, these precautions take the form of securely storing guns and ammunition.

Additionally, the truly responsible gun owner maintains the prolonged life of their firearms, taking care of a gun’s longevity and functionality as well as its overall safety. You can prevent long-term rust while your firearms and ammunition are safely placed in storage.

Perspiration and oil produced by the human body and weather conditions such as humidity and temperature variations are the most common causes of rust on firearms. Stop My Rust offers anti-rust bags to store and preserve firearms. Protect your investment and keep your firearms rust-free in storage in a rust prevention gun box lining bag. No need for messy oils and greases -- simply place your firearms in a Stop My Rust anti-rust bag, and they will remain rust-free for years.

3 Common Dangerous Gun Malfunctions

The last thing you want when firing a gun is a malfunction. A gun exploding in your hands at eye level with shrapnel and bullets blasting away is extremely dangerous. Most times, the malfunction is simply a misfire. Here are three common dangerous gun malfunctions to watch out for:

  1. Incomplete Discharge - An incomplete discharge is when a round is fired but does not leave the gun, leaving the bullet lodged inside the gun barrel. A second round shot after the incomplete discharge will strike the first bullet, causing the gun to explode.
  2. Delayed Discharge - A delayed discharge occurs when a gun fails to fire but hasn’t fully malfunctioned. This can occur when the trigger is pulled, and the primer goes off. However, the propellant in the cartridge burns slower than normal, resulting in built-up pressure that eventually sends the bullet down the barrel a few seconds later.If you pull the trigger and nothing happens, continue to hold the gun downrange for 30 seconds. At no point should you look down the barrel to see if the bullet is still there. After 30 seconds, you should remove the cartridge rather than trying to fire it again.
  1. Failure to Extract - When a magazine is fired completely, it is then extracted by the gun’s mechanism and ejected. However, if a gun is dirty, rusted or corroded it could fail to extract the empty magazine. Resulting in a live round being forced into the base of the unextracted magazine, possibly causing the gun to explode.  

Keeping your gun rust-free with the proper precautionary measures can decrease the risk of dangerous malfunctions.

Rust Prevention Ammunition Storage Bags

When you buy an anti-rust bag for your firearm you will also receive (2) 10” x 12” Stop My Rust anti-rust zipper bags for storing ammunition. An anti-rust bag from Stop My Rust will provide you with long term rust protection for your handgun and ammunition.

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