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Rust-Preventing Plastic Barbecue Grill Cover

Stop My Rust

Rust-Preventing Plastic Barbecue Grill Cover

$ 15.90

Sizes Available

  • Small VCI Bag (34” x 33” x 65”)
  • Medium VCI Bag (40” x 36” x 80”)
  • Large VCI Bag (55” x 45” x 80”)
Please Note: This bag is designed to go under your regular outdoor grill cover, and not to replace it. Please be sure your grill is cool BEFORE placing our Stop My Rust bag on it.

    Long Term Anti Rust Grill Storage Bag

    Moisture that builds up inside and outside a grill during and after grilling season can cause rust problems, limiting the effectiveness of the grill and shortening its lifespan. You spent a lot of money on your grill, why go through the expense every 2 or 3 years due to rust?  Protect your grill investment with a low-cost Stop My Rust Bag.  Stop My Rust Bags are safe, non-toxic, and easy to use. Simply cover your grill (be sure to let your grill cool down first) with a Stop My Rust Bag, and your grill will remain rust-free for years.  Stop My Rust Bags create an environment that makes it impossible for rust to start and propagate. Stop My Rust Bags will protect the inside and outside of your grill, including the grates and burners.  We offer the best product in the market, specially designed to protect your grill against weather conditions all year long.


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