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How to Properly Store Your Rifle at the End of the Season

If you’re a hunter, then your rifle is likely your most important piece of equipment that you take out into the field. Naturally, you want to keep it in pristine condition so that your shots are always accurate and you can rely on your rifle for many seasons to come. Like any other piece of equipment, it requires proper maintenance. At Stop My Rust, we know that rust and corrosion are the biggest issues that many gun owners face. Here are some tips for how to properly care for and store your rifle when you’re ready to put it away for the season.

  • Remove any ammunition. While this is primarily a safety issue, removing any shells from the chamber is essential. You will also want to clear the shells out of your magazines, as they can soak up moisture if stored there for long periods of time.
  • Clean your gun. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to clean your rifle before you pack it away. Any bodily fluid such as blood or perspiration that stays on the rifle is an invitation for oxidization to occur. While during the season you only need to minimally clean your gun to keep it functioning properly, at the end of the season is when you want to do the most cleaning.
  • Don’t use excessive lubricants. Greasy lubricants can be counterproductive, causing dust and debris to get stuck inside. Only apply a lightweight, dry lubricant to the action of the rifle.
  • Store your rifle properly. Although it seems like a good idea, storing your rifle in a waterproof case for months at a time can allow moisture to build up inside. An easy and inexpensive way to keep your rifle rust free all year long is to use a Stop My Rust Bag for Rifles. Our convenient bag uses VCI rust protection that has been used by the United States military for over 50 years. Additionally, make sure you store your rifle in a horizontal position to prevent oil from running down and gumming up the action. This position also prevents damage to the stock.

 Stop My Rust gives you easy and affordable solutions to help keep all of your equipment in prime condition. Join us next time for advice on how to protect your rifle while you’re out in the field.

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