Rust Prevention Products for Consumers
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Rust Prevention Consumer Products

Looking for the best way to prevent rust corrosion on your most important gadgets, tools, and other metal objects? Your search has just ended.

Stop My Rust is a collection of Green Packaging Inc.'s industrial rust elimination products made specifically for consumers. They can be used to prevent corrosion on barbeque grills, guns, ammunition, hand tools, garden tools, fishing tackle, jewelry and a wide variety of other metal objects. Our products include VCI Plastic Bags, VCI Paper Sheets, and Silver Saver Bags.

Although rust usually seems like an inevitable occurrence, Stop My Rust is determined to help you realize how rust doesn’t have to steal the functionality and appearance of metals.

Although it's disappointing when the appearance of expensive metal objects get destroyed by rust, it can also seriously impact the functionality of essential tools and gadgets that some of our customers depend on to make a living. When you buy rust removal and prevention supplies from Stop My Rust, however, you’ll put an end to the corrosion of those metals that have already been affected before it gets any worse, and also develop a safe, easy method of preserving objects from the get-go.            

How do Our Rust Prevention Products Work?

VCI is a term used to refer to a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. Here at Stop My Rust, our paper and polyethylene bags are coated with these compounds to prevent corrosion and also have enough vapor pressures to release molecules into the air. Because of their polarity, the VCI molecules are drawn to the surface of metal like a magnet. This is what allows VCI molecules to transfer from the paper or film straight to the surface of metals. When these compounds link up with metal surfaces, they develop a very thin molecular layer. This thin layer inhibits corrosion entirely, by blocking air and moisture from coming into contact with the surface of the metal.

The corrosion process begins when an electrolyte (water, oxygen, humidity) exists on the surface of a metal. When this happens, electrons flow through the electrolytes in a rotation from high-energy areas of the metal to low energy areas. The formation of oxidation on the metal surface is the outcome of the corrosion process. Fortunately, by providing an object with a protective coating, our rust removal supplies and rust prevention bags eliminate the possibility of this reaction taking place. All in all, the armor weakens the electrochemical mechanism responsible for triggering oxidation.

Whether you need a long-term anti-rust grill storage bag, for example, or you’re looking for the best way to remove rust from power tools, Stop My Rust has you covered! To get the most life out of your metal objects, purchase any of our rust removal or rust prevention supplies.

To learn more, browse our website or 1- 855-466-7878 to speak with us today.